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La Densitae Clinic, Pune offers Quality Hair Transplant at Reasonable Price

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La Densitae Clinic, Pune offers Quality Hair Transplant at Reasonable Price - Health Tips in Hindi

is witnessing a new trend where people are willing to spend their money on
personal grooming services and images. Hence, you will find hair transplant
clinics all over India, especially in metros, Tier II, and Tier III cities as

La Densitae is a well-known clinic for hair
transplant in Pune
, located at PariharChowkAundh, Pune. It has been founded by
Dr.GajananJadhao to cater to the residents who live in central Maharashtra.

Dr.Jadhao has received his cosmetology training from the University of Germany
and is highly experienced in hair transplant procedures. His clinic, La
Densitae, has won the Best Hair Transplant Centre awards in the Marathwada
region. He is also an expert in other beauty procedures such as dark spot
removal, tattoo removal, low light laser therapy, pigmentation removal, to name
a few.

La Densitae, Pune is a well-established clinic that offers a wide range of hair
and skin beauty treatments. The clinic is extremely well organized and hygienic
as per the required sanitization protocols. The operation theatres are sterile
and equipped with the latest hair transplant equipment.

At the La Densitae Clinic, Dr.GajananJadhao has in place a team of 6
exceptionally well qualified and experienced trichologists and cosmetologists.
He and his team serve and treat their patients in the best possible
manner. His team of medical assistants and technicians are well trained and
experienced in hair transplant procedures. They are accommodating and cooperative
with the patients.

All about Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr.Jadhao, one of Pune’s famous hair transplant surgeon says, ‘Currently we
advise our patients to go for either Follicular Unit
Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant
procedures. Both these procedures are low risk and extremely safe procedures.
They are reasonably priced and require low maintenance.”

In both these procedures, the patient’s natural hair is grafted from an area
with dense or ample hair growth and harvested on a site where there is less
hair growth.

Also, in most cases, the patient’s hair is used in the procedure, so mismatched
hair growth issues do not arise. Moreover, the grafted natural hair does not
require extra care. It can be washed, styled, and cut just like natural hair.

In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), a strip of hair is removed from the
donor area and transplanted in the area where there is less or no hair. On the
other hand, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) means individual hair grafts are
extracted from the scalp and punched in the scalp area.

The FUE method is suggested by most hair transplant doctors, as there is less
scarring than that in the FUT method. The treatment suggestion depends on
the area of hair transplant, the patient’s health condition, and the number of
hair grafts required.

A hair transplant procedure is a small procedure that requires minimum time,
usually one or two sittings, and depends upon the bald area of the patient.

Points to discuss with your Hair Transplant Doctor

It is essential to know what you should discuss with your hair transplant
doctor on your first appointment. In the beginning, you and the doctor
will discuss in detail about your personal medical history.

The doctor will physically examine your hair region and suggest the type of
treatment to resolve the issue, including the number of hair grafts required,
the time needed for the complete procedure, and the cost.

You could ask the doctor the exact procedure of performing the hair transplant
and what precautions will be required both before and after the treatment. It
is best to clear any doubts if you have any before proceeding with the hair
transplant procedure.

Sound Advice by Dr.Jadhao

Dr.Jadhao states, ‘Always get your hair transplant done by a board-certified
cosmetic surgeon who has experience in hair transplant. The doctor will ensure
that your new hair is grafted in the right manner and style, making you feel
satisfied with your new hair and image.’

More and more people are becoming aware of their appearance when they step out
for work or pleasure. They are also too conscious about their thinning hair or
a nearly bald look and wish to regain their full hair growth through
non-surgical methods or hair transplant procedures as they are popularly known.
Today, it is normal for anyone to go for a hair transplant procedure provided
they have money for it. Most hair transplant doctors charge reasonable fees as

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Web Title-La Densitae Clinic, Pune offers Quality Hair Transplant at Reasonable Price

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