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Does Biotin work for hair loss

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Does Biotin work for hair loss - Health Tips in Hindi

Should you
opt for a hair vitamin with Biotin?
Will it help you in combating hair loss? While the jury may sometimes be
divided on this one, it always helps to analyze studies and reports that
suggest clear findings. What is Biotin? It is basically a vitamin that is
readily soluble in water and is a part of the family of B vitamins too.
Sometimes it is referred to as Vitamin H as well. Biotin is required by our
bodies for the conversion of specific nutrients into usable energy while it may
have a major role to play in influencing skin, hair and nail health.

If you are
not consuming ample Biotin, you may experience symptoms like hair loss or even
rashes. In this case, Biotin tablets may be a great solution as per several industry experts.
People usually get enough Biotin from their daily diets but deficiencies may
arise at times as well. This makes them scale up their intake through the right

Hair growth and the role of Biotin- What we know so far

You should
not neglect skin and hair health, particularly if you have been experiencing
symptoms like hair loss. Keratin is the base protein that comprises your skin,
hair and nails. Biotin clearly enhances the overall infrastructure for Keratin
in the body as per several reports. Multiple research reports have suggested
how scaling up intake of Biotin may actually help in hair growth while helping
combat hair loss at the same time.

have found that women consuming MPS (marine protein supplements) containing
adequate Biotin for at least two times each day, saw considerable hair growth
in those areas where hair was lost the most. Shedding was also sizably lower in
such scenarios according to reports. Biotin
have reportedly helped participants in multiple surveys to improve
hair quality and growth levels after the passage of 3-6 months on an average.

What else should you know?

in Biotin are not as common as you may initially think. As a result, the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA does not have any specifically
recommended dietary dosage on a regular basis. This may hence vary, depending
on the age of the consumer, overall health conditions and gender. Experts feel
that the following dosage guidelines can be maintained in this scenario:

People who are 10 years of age or more should consume 30-100 mcg
each day of Biotin.

Children and infants from birth to 3 years should get 10-20 mcg
per day while those between 4-6 years should get 25 mcg.

Children between 7-10 years should consume 30 mcg each day.

Breastfeeding or pregnant women may require higher Biotin levels
as well.

your doctor about the recommended intake before you choose a hair vitamin with Biotin.

Foods that contain Biotin

You may
already be consuming the recommended level of Biotin through your daily diet.
Some of the foods that contain Biotin include the following:

Egg yolk

Organ meat including kidney/liver

Almonds, walnuts, peanuts and other nuts

Legumes like soybeans

Whole grains




A point to
remember is that heat may hinder the overall effectiveness of Biotin and hence
people should choose items which are processed minimally or are ideally raw.
Biotin levels may vary from one food item to another as well. Always read
nutritional data with care wherever it is possible.

Some additional aspects worth knowing

If you are
not consuming ample Biotin from your daily diet or you are looking to scale up
your dosage levels, you can consider supplements. These are usually sold over
the counter in the tablet or capsule form and you may chance upon a wide
selection likewise. You should always read all details on the package very
carefully. Some possible but rare side effects may include cramping, nausea and
diarrhea among others.

You may
easily lower your risks pertaining to side effects by consuming supplements
with your food. Always talk to your medical practitioner or doctor before using
the same. You will thus get more information about possible benefits and risks
along with suitable dosage requirements. Follow instructions carefully on all
product packages/labels unless your doctor says otherwise.

Here are
some other things worth knowing:

Biotin is one out of multiple B vitamins which provide support for
a healthier metabolism. It converts glucose into energy from carbohydrates for
our bodies while helping vital amino acids execute regular body functions as

Biotin may also lower inflammation while enhancing cognitive
functioning and helping in reducing blood sugar for those who suffer from
diabetes. It may also enhance good or HDL cholesterol levels while lowering
bad/LDL cholesterol greatly.

Adding Biotin supplements to your daily regime will not
essentially have any risks but you should still consult your doctor before
starting the same.

Always get your existing medication and health condition verified
by your doctor before consuming these supplements.

Extra Biotin in the body will be flushed out easily with urine
since it is water-soluble by nature.

You should scale up Biotin intake for several months at a time in
order to witness tangible benefits in the long haul.

Be consistent with your daily intake for seeing the difference
within a few months.

Studies have indicated that you may get positive results within
3-4 months on an average. Hair growth aside, you may witness better hair
quality and shine as well.

If you are
witnessing symptoms like hair loss or thinning, you should count on Biotin for
enabling superior re-growth of hair accordingly. Increasing intake of Biotin
may go a long way towards enhancing the overall quality of your hair which
includes both shine and thickness. Talk to your medical practitioner or doctor
about the best possible dosage from you and your daily dietary regime. Follow
dosage guidelines exactly without any lapses or inaccuracies.

If you
have been facing the problem for you please have a look at vitamins for eye health to reduce risk of Glaucoma, avoiding dry eyes, prevent
cataracts and many more.

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