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    Paving the way for equality in property and family rights | Action Punjab

    PTC Web Desk: In a landmark development, the Uttarakhand Government, led by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, has given its approval to the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill. This crucial decision, prompted by recommendations from a specially appointed government committee, aims to establish uniformity in civil laws within Uttarakhand. The report is set to be presented in the Uttarakhand Assembly on February 6, unveiling key features that underscore the principles of equality and consistency across various facets of civil laws.

    As per reports, the Uniform Civil Code Bill ensures equal property rights for both sons and daughters, irrespective of their category. It takes a significant step towards eliminating the long-standing distinction between legitimate and illegitimate children regarding property rights, recognising all children as the biological offspring of the couple.

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    The inclusivity of adopted children, those born through surrogacy, or via assisted reproductive technology is another progressive aspect of the Uniform Civil Code Bill. It accords them equal standing with biological children, signaling a departure from traditional legal frameworks that may not have adequately addressed these evolving family structures.

    One of the groundbreaking provisions of the UCC Bill is the extension of equal property rights posthumously. Following an individual’s death, the Bill ensures equal property rights for the spouse, children, and even the parents of the deceased. This shift marks a departure from previous laws where such rights were limited primarily to the mother of the deceased.

    Beyond these specific provisions, the overarching objective of the Uniform Civil Code Bill is to create a legal framework that guarantees consistency in marriage, divorce, land, property, and inheritance laws for all citizens within the state, irrespective of their religious affiliations. The committee responsible for drafting the Bill has made additional recommendations, including a complete ban on polygamy and child marriage, establishing a common marriageable age for girls across all faiths, and standardizing grounds and procedures for divorce.

    Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, in a post-Cabinet meeting statement to news agency ANI, expressed determination to move forward with the UCC Bill. A special session of the Uttarakhand Assembly has been convened explicitly for the passage of this legislation, marking a significant stride toward a more uniform and equitable legal landscape in the state. 
    (With inputs from agencies) 

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