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    Champai Soren wins in Jharkhand floor test with 47 MLA backing | Action Punjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren secured a resounding victory in the assembly on Monday as 47 coalition MLAs rallied behind him during the crucial floor test. The Opposition, in contrast, garnered 29 votes.

    The announcement of Champai Soren’s triumph came from Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan, provoking enthusiastic cheers within the Jharkhand assembly. The session was adjourned for the day and is scheduled to resume on Tuesday. The 81-member Jharkhand Legislative Assembly requires a majority mark of 41. Ahead of the litmus test, Champai Soren had confidently asserted that the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) enjoyed the support of 47 MLAs, with potential for the number to rise to 50.

    The ruling JMM-Congress coalition threw its weight behind Champai Soren, endorsing him to succeed Hemant Soren. The Chief Minister, a trusted aide of Shibu Soren, took the oath of office on Saturday alongside two deputy chief ministers. Hemant Soren, present in the Assembly with the court’s permission, delivered a charged speech before the floor test. Champai Soren expressed his intention to lead a government akin to “Hemant Soren part – II.”

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    In an emotionally charged address, Hemant Soren criticised the BJP-led central government, alleging a “slow-cooked” conspiracy to imprison him. He did not spare the Governor, accusing the Raj Bhavan of being involved in the alleged conspiracy. Earlier, the JMM and Congress had questioned the delay in the Governor inviting Champai Soren to form the government, despite the ruling coalition staking its claim promptly after Hemant Soren’s resignation.

    The former Chief Minister dared the BJP to produce evidence against him in the land irregularities case that led to his arrest, stating, “Show me the proof, and I will quit politics.”

    In a fervent plea for tribal rights, Hemant Soren accused the BJP of demeaning backward communities and spoke against the party’s alleged disregard for tribals’ aspirations. He emphasised the hurdles he anticipated in completing his five-year term, alleging that certain forces did not want tribals to ascend to positions like judges, IPS, or IAS officers, and become leaders. Hemant Soren lamented the discrimination faced by tribals, asserting that despite leaving the jungle and integrating into mainstream society, they were viewed with disdain.

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    (Inputs from agencies)

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