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    Uttar Pradesh to introduce Bill for safety in lifts after series of accidents | ActionPunjab

    Lucknow, February 6:  In response to a series of lift malfunctions causing deaths and injuries in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh is set to introduce legislation in the Assembly on tuesday to enhance the safety of lift occupants. The proposed Bill mandates the building authorities to ensure the presence of rescue devices in elevators, along with emergency alarms and CCTVs.

    The initiative by the Yogi Adityanath government follows multiple lift incidents, especially in Noida’s high-rises near Delhi. Notably, a tragic incident in September claimed the lives of nine construction workers in a lift crash at Amrapali Dream Valley in Noida Extension. In December, another incident left nine IT professionals injured when a lift in the River Side Tower in Sector 125 crashed from the eighth floor.

    Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, concerned about the safety of lifts, had directed officials to prioritise safety and maintenance following the December crash. Acknowledging the absence of specific legislation in this regard, he emphasised the need for a prompt introduction of a law.

    Greater Noida service lift accident: Four workers killed, 5 critical as service lift plunges to ground at construction site

    The UP Chief Minister said every building owner installing an elevator, whether in a public or private building, must register it. Additionally, existing lifts in older buildings should also undergo registration. Adherence to building codes and guidelines during the installation of lifts is crucial, according to the Chief Minister.

    To enhance safety features, Yogi Adityanath advocated for the installation of auto rescue devices in all operative elevators, ensuring occupants can reach the nearest landing during power cuts or faults. He also called for emergency alarms, CCTV cameras, proper lighting, and communication systems.

    Further emphasising occupant safety, the UP Chief Minister proposed provisions for insurance coverage for lift occupants in public premises. Additionally, he called for legal provisions to address complaints about the installation and operation of lifts, holding lift manufacturers accountable for any issues.

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