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    ‘I hope you secure 40 seats’ | Action Punjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a sharp jab at the Congress party during his speech in Parliament, confidently asserting that they wouldn’t secure more than 40 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In what seemed like a blend of political prediction and a subtle taunt, Modi labeled the Congress as “outdated.”

    Addressing the Rajya Sabha, Modi referred to a challenge thrown at him from West Bengal, suggesting that the Congress would struggle to cross the 40-seat mark in the 2024 elections. Rather than gloating over this projection, he humorously added, “I pray that you are able to secure 40 seats,” further emphasising his skepticism regarding the party’s electoral prospects.

    Taking a swipe at Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Modi expressed gratitude for providing entertainment during parliamentary sessions. He recalled with amusement Kharge’s speeches, implying that they filled the void of amusement that was lacking in the Lok Sabha debates.

    Reflecting on past instances where attempts were made to stifle the Prime Minister’s voice, Modi asserted that such efforts were futile as the people of the nation had strengthened his voice. He asserted his preparedness to confront any attempts to suppress his voice in the current political climate.

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    Modi humorously remarked on Kharge’s lengthy speeches in the Rajya Sabha, pondering how he managed to secure such prolonged speaking slots. He suggested that Kharge took advantage of the absence of certain key figures, drawing parallels to the song “Aisa mauka phir kaha milega” (When will such an opportunity arise again?).

    Further elaborating on his criticism, Modi claimed that the Congress party had become obsolete in its ideology and approach. Despite its long-standing history and significant past influence, the party had witnessed a decline in relevance. Modi expressed sympathy rather than delight over this decline, acknowledging the monumental shift in Indian politics.

    In sum, Modi’s remarks not only projected confidence in his party’s electoral prospects but also served as a stark critique of the Congress party’s perceived irrelevance in contemporary Indian politics.

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    (Inputs from agencies)

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