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    Deadly explosions rock Balochistan ahead of Pakistan election; over 20 dead | ActionPunjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: Twin blasts rocked Pishin district in Balochistan of Pakistan on Wednesday, leaving more than 20 dead, as per priliminary reports. The first explosion took place in front of the campaign office of an independent candidate in Pishin district, claiming the lives of 14 persons. Shortly thereafter, another blast rocked Qillah Saif Ullah district, approximately 150 km away, leaving more dead. 

    The upcoming election, already plagued by violence and allegations of electoral fraud, faces further turmoil with these tragic incidents.


    As of now, no group has claimed responsibility for the Pishin attack, which occurred in a town situated about 50km from Quetta and 100km southeast of the Afghan border. Provincial authorities disclosed that 25 individuals sustained injuries in the blast, with social media images depicting the destruction of vehicles and motorcycles by the sheer force of the explosion. The targeted election office belonged to a local independent candidate who was reportedly meeting with his polling agent at the time.


    Details regarding the second blast in Qillah Saif Ullah are still unfolding. According to a senior police official cited by AFP news agency, the explosion occurred in the main bazaar, targeting the election office of the JUI-F party.


    The lead-up to Thursday’s vote has witnessed a surge in violent incidents across both Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.

    Authorities are actively investigating the cause of the explosions, while the injured have been swiftly transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.

    Despite the tragedies, the Balochistan government has affirmed that the election will proceed as scheduled. Provincial information minister Jan Achakzai took to social media to reassure the public, stating, “Rest assured, we will not allow terrorists to undermine or sabotage this crucial democratic process.”

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    Violence erupts ahead of Pakistan elections: Key points

    1. Two separate attacks target political offices of candidates in Balochistan province, resulting in the death of at least 22 individuals.
      2. Concerns arise regarding the fairness of the upcoming elections amidst a major crackdown on the largest opposition party and its leader, former Prime Minister Imran Khan.
      3. Thursday’s elections will see voters casting their ballots for two representatives: one for the national assembly and another for the provincial assembly.
      4. A total of 5,121 candidates are competing for seats in the federal legislature, while 12,695 candidates are vying for positions in provincial assemblies.
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    (Inputs from  Agencies)

    Author: actionpunjab

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