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    India sees US as weak, played smart by staying close with Russia : Nikki Haley | ActionPunjab

    India-US Ties: Nikki Haley, a potential Republican candidate for the presidency, remarked that India desires a partnership with the US but currently lacks trust in American leadership. 

    In an interview with New York media agency, she highlighted that India played smart in the current global situation by strategically maintaining ties with Russia suggesting that India perceives the US as being in a weakened position.

    In an interview, she said, “I have dealt with India too. I have got to say, I have dealt with India too. I have talked with (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi. India wants to be a partner with us. They don’t want to be a partner with Russia.” 

    “The problem is, India doesn’t trust us to win. They don’t trust us to lead. They see right now that we’re weak. India has always played it smart. They have played it smart, and they have stayed close with Russia, because that’s where they get a lot of their military equipment,” she said in response to a question.

    She further emphasised that when US will reclaim the leadership role, addressing weaknesses and facing challenges head-on, US allies like India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, and South Korea will eagerly join for instance, initiated a billion-dollar stimulus to reduce reliance on China, Haley stated during her interview. She highlighted India’s similar move and emphasised the importance of strengthening alliances for the United States.

    Haley asserted that China’s economy is not doing well and suggested that the country is gearing up for a potential conflict with the US. She noted China’s increased government control and longstanding preparations for war and aid, “They have been preparing for war with us for years. That’s their mistake.” 

    Notably, India and US ties have strained due to allegations of India’s involvement in a purported plot to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannun designated as a terrorist in India and a US citizen.



    Author: actionpunjab

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