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    China woman makes Rs 120 crore weekly with 3-second reviews | ActionPunjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: With over five million followers on Douyin, Zheng Xiang Xiang has revolutionised product promotion with lightning-fast reviews.

    Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are lucrative for content creators worldwide, with a few achieving massive success and earning millions. In this landscape, Zheng’s minimalist approach sets her apart. Unlike most influencers, she flashes a product for just three seconds during her live streams.

    What sets her apart? Unlike typical influencers who detail products extensively, Zheng opts for brevity, showcasing each item for just three seconds.

    With her assistant handing her products one by one, Zheng swiftly displays each item, mentions its price, and moves on. This rapid-fire technique earns her a staggering $14 million weekly.

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    Her unconventional approach challenges traditional influencer marketing norms and underscores the evolving dynamics of online commerce. Despite the brief exposure, Zheng’s ability to captivate viewers translates into remarkable sales for the products she promotes.

    Her success underscores the importance of attention-grabbing moments in the digital age.

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