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    Modi’s OBC status preceded CM tenure: BJP rebuts Rahul | ActionPunjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: The BJP counters Rahul Gandhi’s claim that PM Modi changed his caste to OBC after becoming Gujarat CM. They cite a gazette notification showing Modi’s caste, Modh Ghanchi, was included in OBC in 1999, two years prior to his CM tenure.

    “Modi ji is not an OBC by birth,” Rahul Gandhi asserts, sparking controversy. He alleges that Modi’s caste was changed after he became CM. However, BJP’s Amit Malviya rebuts, stating Modi’s OBC status was established before his political rise.

    The debate escalates with Congress demanding a caste census while PM Modi accuses the Nehru-Gandhi family of being anti-OBC. He cites Nehru’s opposition to reservation for tribals and Dalits in government jobs.

    This isn’t the first time the issue arises. In 2014, before Modi’s first PM term, his OBC status was questioned. It was clarified then that Modi’s caste was recognised as OBC in Gujarat’s list before he held any executive office. The ongoing discourse underscores the political tension around caste identity and its implications in Indian politics.

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    Rahul Gandhi frustrated: Gujarat MLA Purnesh Modi

    In response to Rahul Gandhi’s recent statements, Gujarat MLA Purnesh Modi, known for initiating a defamation case against Gandhi, emphasised that Gandhi’s frustration is evident. Purnesh Modi highlighted that Gandhi had previously insulted the OBC community by labeling them as ‘thieves’.

    He clarified that the inclusion of the ‘Teli’ community in the OBC category occurred during the Congress rule on July 25, 1994, and not during Narendra Modi’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Purnesh Modi asserted that PM Modi had no involvement in the inclusion of the ‘Teli’ community in the OBC category, debunking Gandhi’s claims.

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