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    At 27, India’s youngest billionaire creates Rs 9,800 crore company in 90 days | Action Punjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: India has long been recognised as a breeding ground for entrepreneurial success, boasting renowned billionaires like Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani. However, the nation’s economic landscape is witnessing a new phenomenon – the rise of young prodigies achieving unprecedented success. Among them stands Pearl Kapur, a 27-year-old visionary who has cemented his place as India’s youngest billionaire.

    Kapur’s ascent to the upper echelons of wealth and influence is attributed to the meteoric rise of his brainchild, Zyber 365. Established in May 2023, Zyber 365 swiftly disrupted the retail sector with its Web3 and AI-based operating system, earning the coveted status of a unicorn – a startup valued at over $1 billion – in a mere three months.

    Headquartered in London with operational hubs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Zyber 365 has earned the distinction of being India and Asia’s fastest-growing unicorn, with a staggering valuation of $1.2 billion (approximately Rs 9,840 crore).

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    At the helm of this remarkable journey is Pearl Kapur, the Founder and CEO of Zyber 365, whose net worth surpasses $1.1 billion (Rs9,129 crore), largely owing to his 90% stake in the company. The startup recently secured $100 million in Series A funding, with 8.3% of the investment originating from the SRAM & MRAM Group, an agricultural company that recognised Zyber 365’s immense potential.

    Kapur’s educational background includes an MSC in Investment Banking (CFA Pathway) from Queen Mary University of London, where he honed his skills and vision for disrupting the tech industry. Prior to Zyber 365, Kapur’s journey traversed roles as a Financial Advisor at AMPM Store and a Business Advisor for Antier Solutions. His entrepreneurial spirit materialized in February 2022 when he founded Billion Pay Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    Pearl Kapur envisions a future where the convergence of exponential technologies – blockchain, AI, and cybersecurity – amalgamated with sustainable practices, catalyzes what he terms as Globalisation 3.0 – a paradigm shift empowering the masses and driving global progress.

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