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    Customised Ford Tractor, Bullet Motorcycle to grace Canadian roads! | ActionPunjab


    Moga, February 8: In a heartwarming story that beautifully reflects the deep connection between Punjab’s soil and its people scattered across the globe, Jagraj Singh Numberdar from Raoli village in Moga district, Punjab, has done something truly remarkable. He has gone the extra mile to send a specially modified Ford Tractor (3620) and a classic Bullet Motorcycle to his son and grandson living in Canada. The main goal? To effortlessly tackle and clear the snow-covered landscapes surrounding their Canadian home.

    Jagraj Singh, a respected figure in his community, shared the inspiration behind this unique initiative. It sprang from a genuine desire not only to provide practical solutions for the harsh Canadian winters but also to keep the flame of their farming heritage alive. The Ford Tractor, designed for sturdy farming practices, embodies qualities of resilience, hard work, and an unwavering connection to Punjab’s fertile soil.

    Nestled in the heart of Moga district, Raoli village swells with pride. In an interview, Jagraj Singh expressed his dedication to strengthening family bonds and nurturing the younger generation’s ties to their roots. The Ford Tractor, going beyond its regular farm duties, becomes a symbolic bridge linking the family to Punjab’s rich agricultural legacy, showcasing the indomitable spirit inherent in the Punjabi identity.

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    The villagers, thrilled by this thoughtful gesture, see it as a celebration of their shared culture and values. Jagraj Singh’s foresight in gifting tractors to the younger generation is seen as an investment in preserving their farming legacy, skillfully blending tradition with a modern outlook.

    As the Ford Tractor and Bullet Motorcycle embark on their journey to Canada, they carry not just the physical weight of machinery but also the emotional weight of tradition, family, and the fertile soil of Punjab. Jagraj Singh and the entire community celebrate this significant occasion, acknowledging the importance of transcending borders while staying true to the essence of their roots. The Ford Tractor and Bullet Motorcycle go beyond being mere vehicles; they emerge as symbols of continuity, resilience, and a bridge connecting Punjab to Canada with pride and purpose.

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