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    Basant Panchami & Valentine’s Day on same day? Here are auspicious things to do on Feb 14 | Action Punjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: In a unique occurrence of two distinct festivals with different cultural and religious significance, both Basant Panchami and Valentine’s Day are falling on the same day this year. 

    The uniqueness occurrence of two different festivals presents an intriguing blend of cultural and religious customs. It allows people to commemorate the onset of spring and express affection concurrently, enriching the festivities with diverse and multifaceted meanings.

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    The rare occurrence of Hindu lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar on the same day will create a unique and memorable coincidence for those celebrating both festivals

    Basant Panchami 2024 

    The Hindu festival of Basant Panchami, also known as Vasant Panchami, Shri Panchami, and Saraswati Panchami, the festival which marks the arrival of the spring season in India will be celebrated in February 14 this year. The significance of the occasion is huge in Hindu culture, as the day is considered extremely auspicious to start new work, get married or perform house warming ceremony (Grah Pravesh).

    Valentine’s Day 2024 

    Valentine’s week is a celebration of love and affection that takes place every year from 7th February to 14th February. The week is dedicated to spreading love and happiness through various activities and events. Valentine’s Day is a secular holiday celebrated globally as a day of love and romance. It is observed on February 14th each year and is associated with the exchange of gifts, cards, flowers, and expressions of love between romantic partners.

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    Auspicious things to do on Feb 14

    Worship and Puja: As this year, Basant Panchami and Valentine’s Day falls on same day i.e. February 14, the most auspicious thing to do is worshipping and performing Puja. For Basant Panchami, offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati for wisdom and knowledge, and for Valentine’s Day, express gratitude for love and relationships.

    Acts of Service: As it is considered auspicious on Basant Panchami and as a gratitude to show love, volunteering for a charitable cause, or contributing to your community is considered auspicious. 

    Wearing Blend of Yellow and Red: Yellow is the traditional color of Basant Panchami, symbolising the vibrancy of spring, while red is associated with love and passion on Valentine’s Day. Wearing Blend of Yellow and Red on February 14 is considered auspicious. 

    Reflect and Express Gratitude: Take time to reflect on the blessings of love, knowledge, and abundance in your life. Express gratitude for the meaningful relationships and opportunities that enrich your journey.

    Exchange Gifts: Exchange thoughtful gifts with your loved ones to express appreciation and affection. For Basant Panchami, consider gifting books or educational materials, and for Valentine’s Day, choose gifts that symbolize love and romance.  
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