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    Bengaluru techie’s tweet on tech recession leads to job loss | ActionPunjab

    PTC Web Desk: A Bengaluru-based techie, Jishnu Mohan, experienced the harsh reality of the tech industry’s challenges when he was laid off from his job at Forma (formerly Twic) just one day after expressing concerns about the industry’s recessionary trends on social media. Mohan, who had been with the company for four years and was working remotely from Kochi, Kerala, became a casualty of a larger restructuring initiative within the company.

    On February 7, Mohan had tweeted about his uneasiness regarding the recessionary situation in the tech sector, stating, “The whole recession situation in tech is making me uneasy. Maybe at the lowest confidence level in my career.” Unfortunately, his apprehensions materialised into job loss as he was terminated on February 8.

    Following his unexpected dismissal, the Bengaluru techie took to Twitter again, sharing the news of his layoff and seeking job opportunities. The tech community on Twitter responded promptly, offering leads to job openings and expressing a willingness to assist in forwarding his resume.

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    This incident highlights the continued challenges faced by the tech industry in 2024, with major players such as Meta, Google, Microsoft, and Snap already implementing workforce reductions. The situation underscores the volatility of the tech job market, where economic concerns and company restructuring can swiftly impact individuals’ careers.

    The trend of tech companies laying off employees to improve profit margins and cut costs seems to persist. Reports indicate that Google recently laid off around 1,000 employees as part of cost-saving measures. Wipro is also reportedly in the process of cutting hundreds of mid-level roles to enhance profit margins. Amazon is continuing its restructuring efforts, including layoffs in its health divisions, such as One Medical and Amazon Pharmacy. 

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