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    Instagram, Threads to limit recommendations of political content | Action Punjab

    PTC Web  Desk: In a recent update, Instagram has announced changes to its recommendation algorithms, aiming to reduce the influx of political content on users’ feeds. Threads, the Twitter-like app affiliated with Instagram, will also adhere to this policy.

    According to a blog post by Instagram, the platform will no longer “proactively recommend” political content from accounts that users do not already follow. This decision aligns with Instagram and Threads’ goal to provide a positive user experience for everyone. The Meta-owned company emphasises that if users choose to follow accounts that share political content, the platform will not interfere with the visibility of those posts.

    The new policy will be accompanied by a setting allowing users who wish to continue receiving political content recommendations to opt for it voluntarily. This control feature will later be introduced on Facebook as well, according to the company. Instagram defines “political content” broadly as material potentially related to laws, elections, or social topics.

    Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, expressed the company’s commitment to preserving users’ choice to engage with political content while respecting individual preferences. The adjustment applies to various sections of Instagram, including Explore, Reels, In-Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Users.

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    Meta has already been deprioritising political content across its social media platforms, including Facebook. The company acknowledges that user feedback has indicated a desire for reduced exposure to political content. In response, Meta has refined its approach to minimise political content on Facebook, encompassing Feed, Reels, Watch, Groups You Should Join, and Pages You May Like.

    The blog post also highlighted that professional accounts on Instagram can check their Account Status setting to determine if their posts are eligible for recommendations. Eligibility is influenced by recent posts classified as “political content.” Accounts that find their posts blocked from recommendations can regain eligibility by editing or removing relevant posts. Additionally, users can request a review if they disagree with Instagram’s designation.

    This update reflects the ongoing efforts by social media platforms to strike a balance between allowing users to engage with political content and addressing concerns about information overload and user experience. Instagram’s move follows broader industry trends as platforms continue to refine their content recommendation algorithms in response to user preferences and feedback.

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