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    'Pizza ATM’ in Chandigarh: Check location, price, other details | Action Punjab

    ‘Pizza ATM’ in Chandigarh: Chandigarh, renowned for its picturesque Sukhna Lake at the the foothills of the Shivalik range has become the recent surge in interest among the residents of Chandigarh and tourists not just for serene views, recreational activities such as boating, and leisurely walks along its scenic promenade but for the newly opened ‘Pizza ATM’ installed by the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO).

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    ‘Pizza ATM’ in Chandigarh: Location 

    The newly opened ‘Pizza ATM’ in Chandigarh is installed near the Sukhna Lake that prepares pizzas in just three minutes. 

    ‘Pizza ATM’ in Chandigarh: Prices 

    Pizzas at ‘Pizza ATM’ are priced reasonably, approximately 35% lower than those available at popular chains such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

    For example, a medium paneer tikka pizza is priced at just Rs 340 compared to Rs 560 at Domino’s, making the ATM an affordable and convenient option for pizza lovers.

    How is Pizza made in ‘Pizza ATM’? 

    ‘Pizza ATM’ is an innovative vending machine that dispenses freshly prepared pizzas. The machine automatically prepares the pizza by assembling the dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings, before baking it in a specially designed oven. Once ready, the pizza is boxed and dispensed to the customer within a matter of minutes. 

    Regarding the ‘Pizza ATM’ at Sukhna Lake, it has been informed that the vending machine currently prepares an average of 100 pizzas per day, with weekend numbers rising to between 200 and 300. 

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    CITCO officials said that due to the high influx of tourists at Sukhna Lake, who often seek snacks of various cuisines, the decision was made to allow the installation of the pizza ATM near the lake.
    The concept of the ‘Pizza ATM’ has been adopted from Europe, and it offers exclusively vegetarian pizzas in a variety of flavors.



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