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    Noida viral wedding: Dining table, Mercedes, Fortuner and 1.25-kg gold gift exchange stuns Internet | ActionPunjab

    PTC Web Desk: In a dazzling display of matrimonial materialism, a wedding in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has set tongues wagging and fingers typing in the digital realm. The extravaganza, captured and shared by social media user Vinit Bhati, unfolded like a blockbuster drama with an audacious exchange of gifts between the two families.

    The video, now making rounds on Internet, features a man with a gift list longer than a CVS (consumer value stores) receipt, passionately announcing the couple’s newfound wealth. Brace yourself for the grand reveal: “Ek dining table hai, do gaadi, ek Mercedez Benz, ek Fortuner, kul milaake 1.25kg sona hai aur 7kg chaandi” (Translation: A dining table, two cars – including the Mercedes E-Class and the Fortuner – totaling 1.25kg of gold and 7kg of silver).

    While the onlookers marveled at the opulence, the online audience wasn’t quite ready to roll out the red carpet. Social media users, armed with emojis and exclamation marks, expressed their disdain for this seemingly bottomless pit of gift-giving. Some even went on to christen the groom as a “begging bowl in disguise,” adding a delightful twist to the traditional wedding banter.

    The collective virtual eyebrow raised at the sheer audacity of such ostentatious wealth exhibition. Critics found the whole affair not just distasteful but also a glaring symptom of deeper societal maladies. Because nothing says eternal love like a Mercedes and a Fortuner, right?

    As the video circulated, one couldn’t help but wonder if the guests were there to witness a sacred union or an auction at Sotheby’s. Perhaps the couple missed the memo that weddings are about the union of hearts, not the accumulation of precious metals and four-wheeled status symbols. Nevertheless, the Noida nuptials will go down in digital history as a testament to the saying, “Till debt do us part.”

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