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    Pregnancy complications can impact child’s health later in life, claims study | Action Punjab

    PTC Web Desk: A recent study presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s (SMFM) annual meeting sheds light on the long-term impact of pregnancy complications, specifically hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) and gestational diabetes (GDM), on the cardiovascular health of the offspring. The findings, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, challenge conventional beliefs about the timing of cardiovascular disease risks.

    HDP (hypertensive disorders of pregnancy) and GDM (gestational diabetes) are common pregnancy issues that not only pose immediate risks to maternal health but, as per the study, may also influence a child’s cardiovascular well-being later in life. These complications increase the likelihood of pregnant individuals developing cardiovascular diseases post-pregnancy.

    Study Design and Participants

    The research, a secondary analysis of the Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Follow-up Study (HAPO FUS), involved 3,317 maternal-child pairings. The aim was to investigate the potential correlation between HDP and GDM during pregnancy and the subsequent cardiovascular health of the child.

    Maternal Outcomes

    Among the participants, 8% developed high blood pressure during pregnancy, 12% experienced gestational diabetes, and 3% faced both conditions simultaneously.

    Child’s Cardiovascular Health Evaluation

    Researchers assessed the cardiovascular health of the children 10 to 14 years after birth. Four key metrics—body mass index, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and glucose levels—were considered. Pediatric guidelines categorised each metric as ideal, intermediate, or poor.

    Key Findings

    The study revealed that by the age of 12 (median age: 11.6), over half of the children (55.5%) displayed at least one non-ideal metric, increasing their vulnerability to heart disease and stroke.

    Significance of Findings

    Lead author Kartik K Venkatesh, MD, PhD, emphasised the study’s significance, challenging the traditional notion that cardiovascular disease risks commence after birth. Dr. Venkatesh, a maternal-fetal medicine subspecialist, highlighted the crucial takeaway that prenatal factors can have lasting effects on a child’s health throughout their lifespan.

    These groundbreaking findings underscore the importance of considering prenatal conditions in understanding and mitigating cardiovascular risks in children. The study prompts a reevaluation of healthcare strategies, emphasising the need for comprehensive prenatal care to safeguard both maternal and child health. As the medical community delves deeper into these connections, a more holistic approach to maternal and child well-being may emerge, potentially reshaping how we view cardiovascular health from a lifecycle perspective.

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