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    South Indian filter coffee earns No. 2 spot in ‘Top 38 Coffees In The World’ ranking | ActionPunjab

    PTC Web Desk: Indulge in the world of exquisite coffee, where the rich aroma and deliciously bitter taste take the centre stage. TasteAtlas, the renowned food and travel guide, has unveiled its prestigious list of the ‘Top 38 Coffees In The World,’ showcasing the diverse and flavorful universe of coffee beans and preparation techniques.

    Securing the coveted top spot is the ‘Cuban Espresso,’ a delightful creation featuring a sweetened espresso shot crafted with dark roast coffee and sugar. The infusion of sugar during the brewing process, whether in a stovetop espresso maker or an electric espresso machine, results in a luscious light-brown foam crowning this exceptional brew.


    Following closely at the second position is the ‘South Indian Coffee,’ a beloved concoction brewed using the simplicity and efficiency of an Indian coffee filter machine. This stainless steel marvel comprises two chambers, with the upper one holding ground coffee and the lower chamber allowing the slow drip of the brewed coffee. Popular in South India, the preparation often involves an overnight setup, delivering a freshly brewed elixir in the morning. Blended with warm milk and sugar, this aromatic coffee is served in a charming steel or brass tumbler accompanied by a bowl-like saucer called ‘dabara.’ A customary pouring ritual adds frothiness before indulgence.

    The top 10 coffees, as per TasteAtlas, present a global symphony of flavors

    Cuban Espresso (Cuba)
    South Indian Coffee (India)
    Espresso freddo (Greece)
    Freddo cappuccino (Greece)
    Cappuccino (Italy)
    Turkish Coffee (Turkiye)
    Ristretto (Italy)
    Frappe (Greece)
    Eiskaffee (Germany)
    Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Vietnam)
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