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    MEA raises concerns with Moscow over Indians working as support staff for Russian army | ActionPunjab

    New Delhi, March 8: Several Indian citizens have been deceived into working with the Russian army, prompting India to strongly address the issue with Moscow and seek their prompt release, announced the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday.

    MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said robust action had been taken against agents and unscrupulous individuals who misled Indians with false promises. He affirmed India’s commitment to securing the early discharge of its nationals serving as support staff with the Russian army. This comes amid the recent death of Indian national Mohammed Asfan from Hyderabad, who was tricked into participating in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The Indian Embassy in Moscow confirmed his death without specifying the cause or circumstances. Another Indian, earlier employed as support staff for the Russian army, also died a few days ago.

    MEA spokesperson RanDhir Jaiswal assured that India is making efforts to repatriate their mortal remains. At least 20 persons have contacted the Indian Government, and efforts are underway to locate them. However, the exact number of Indians working as support staff for the Russian army is still unknown.

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    Jaiswal appealed to Indian nationals not to be enticed by offers from agents for support roles with the Russian army, stressing the inherent dangers and risks to life. He highlighted that the Indian Government had taken strong action against agents involved in misleading citizens.

    The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently dismantled a major human trafficking network, registering cases against several agents and collecting incriminating evidence. Jaiswal reiterated the appeal for caution and stressed India’s commitment to ensuring the early release and return of its nationals serving as support staff with the Russian army.

    Media reports indicate that many Indians recruited as security assistants in the Russian military have been compelled to fight alongside Russian soldiers in certain areas along the Russia-Ukraine border.

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