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    Baba Vlogs YouTuber linked to sending Indians to Russian army | ActionPunjab

    PTC Web Desk: The shocking revelation of two Indian nationals losing their lives in the Ukraine-Russia war has brought to light the dubious practices of an Indian man, Faisal Abdul Mutallib Khan. Operating a recruitment agency and hosting a popular YouTube channel named Baba Vlogs, Faisal Khan allegedly lured youths with promises of lucrative non-combat roles in the Russian army.

    Background of Faisal Abdul Mutallib Khan

    Faisal Khan, in his mid-30s, runs a manpower consultancy firm providing workers to various countries. Based in Mumbai’s Dadar, he started his consultancy, Baba Vlogs, in 2016. Having worked in Dubai as a salesman since 2008, Khan garnered a significant online following, boasting three lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel.

    Promoting Russian army Jobs

    The saga began in July 2023 when Faisal Khan started promoting jobs in the Russian army through his YouTube channel. In a video posted in September 2023, he enticingly promised viewers not only substantial salaries, but also government cards ensuring permanent residency in Russia. Khan claimed that the roles offered involved non-combat duties such as clearing demolished buildings and maintaining arms and ammunition.

    Russian army

    How His Deceptive Practices Unveiled?

    The tragic death of Mohammed Afsan from Hyderabad, who was one of the victims lured by Faisal Khan, exposed the deceptive practices behind the promises. Khan allegedly sent several Indians to Russia, assuring them that they would not be deployed on the front lines. However, many found themselves thrust into the war zone, leading to fatal consequences.

    Facing scrutiny, Faisal Khan defended himself, asserting that he, too, was a victim of misinformation from handlers in Russia. He claimed to have sent 35 persons to Russia, adding that they were aware of the associated risks. Khan contended that he made efforts to bring them back and argued that events post their arrival were beyond his control. He maintained his innocence, stating that he wouldn’t have left any trace if his intent were malicious.

    Faisal Khan’s past raises further questions about his credibility. In 2018, he faced questioning by the Indian authorities after a youth sent to Dubai claimed to have been forcibly converted to Islam. Khan, however, continued to operate his consultancy and YouTube channel, posting content about various opportunities abroad, including the ill-fated Russian army jobs.

    Indian nationals

    YouTube Presence and Subscriber Base

    With three lakh followers on YouTube, Faisal Khan’s channel, Baba Vlogs, served as a platform for promoting various employment opportunities overseas. His last video, posted on January 8, discussed visit visas to New Zealand, revealing a pattern of continually marketing foreign opportunities to his substantial subscriber base.

    Claims of Personal Verification and Safety

    In his YouTube videos, Faisal Khan claimed to have personally verified the safety of the Russian army jobs on offer. He assured viewers that there would be no risks involved, demanding an initial fee of Rs 3 lakh for his company’s services.


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