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    What’s inside the Oscars ‘everyone wins’ goodie bags this year? | Action Punjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: The highly anticipated Academy Awards, Hollywood’s pinnacle of recognition, have been revealed. While not every nominee emerges victorious with a golden statuette, both winners and non-winners alike will receive the renowned ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag. Let’s delve into the luxurious contents of this year’s coveted swag packages and explore why they often stir up controversy.

    What’s inside the Oscar goodie bags?

    Curated by PR company Distinctive Assets, the ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bags are a highlight of the Oscars, despite being independent of the Academy Awards.

    According to The Guardian, these lavish gift bags are presented to the ceremony’s host and 25 Oscar nominees in acting and directing categories.

    Packed with extravagant items, vacations, cosmetics, and more, last year’s Oscar nominees were treated to vouchers for a $12,000 (approximately Rs 9,92,506) arm liposuction procedure and a three-night stay at a luxury Canadian property valued at $40,000 (Rs 33,08,356), among other offerings, as reported by Deseret News.

    So extensive were the contents of the goodie bags that Oscars contenders required two suitcases to transport them. Each package was estimated to be worth about $125,000 (~ Rs 10,33,8612), according to Deseret News.

    Fox Business notes that Distinctive Assets has been assembling items for stars for decades, solidifying its reputation as a go-to provider for exclusive and opulent gifts.

    What’s in 2024 Oscars goodie bags?

    The contents of the highly anticipated Oscars goodie bags have been unveiled, revealing an array of luxurious gifts and experiences. According to Yahoo News, a total of 70 companies have contributed gifts, each paying a fee of around $4,000 (approximately Rs 3,30,835) for the privilege of showcasing their products to this year’s nominees.

    Notably, celebrity pets are set to be among the biggest beneficiaries this year. Felines belonging to the nominees will receive complimentary bags from the Canadian brand Smack, while v-dog, a plant-based company, has generously donated 10,000 canine meals to Peta’s Global Compassion Fund, as reported by The Guardian.

    The gift selection also includes three extravagant holidays: a luxurious Swiss chalet experience valued at $50,000 (approximately Rs 41 lakh), a holistic wellness retreat nestled near Hollywood, and a three-night stay at Saint-Barth Paradise in the Caribbean.

    Health and grooming products dominate the goodie bags, encompassing various skincare items, liver pills, topical glutathione, and microneedling treatments, according to the British newspaper.

    Additionally, Oscars nominees can look forward to receiving portable purse seats, blenders, and an infrared grill, along with an assortment of food and drink items such as tequila, gin, sugar-free cherry gummies, and gluten-free cashew cookies.

    The ‘Everyone Wins’ nominee gift bags also feature home project management services, clinical sleep consultations, gourmet popcorn, a ‘red light sleep therapy device,’ a ‘performance inactivewear’ gift set, a luxury shoe bag, and sustainable artisan backpacks and handbags, as reported by Deseret News.

    Kitchen enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of several culinary items, including a 45-bottle wine fridge from THOR Kitchen valued at $1,800 (roughly Rs 1.4 lakh), a $1,250 (approximately Rs 1 lakh) Schwank portable grill, and an $80 (over Rs 6,000) BlendQuik portable blender, according to Business Insider.

    In addition to tangible gifts, Dr. Carl Christman, described as a “mentalist to the stars,” is offering private showings to the nominees, as per The Guardian.

    This year’s extravagant gift bag comes with a staggering price tag of over $170,000 (~ Rs 1,40,60,513), according to Reuters.

    Founder of Distinctive Assets, Lash Fary, emphasized that while the gift bag holds an impressive monetary value, the focus is not solely on material wealth. He expressed his hope that this year’s selection would spotlight “small businesses, minority-owned brands, female entrepreneurs, and companies who give back,” as reported by The Guardian.

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    The controversy surrounding Oscars gift bags

    The Oscars gift bags, known for their extravagant contents, have been a topic of controversy since their inception. The exorbitant cost of these lavish parcels has drawn criticism, particularly at a time when many Americans are grappling with financial hardships amidst a cost of living crisis.

    Initially introduced in 1999, the price tag of the Oscars gift bags raised eyebrows, reaching a staggering $16,000 (approximately Rs 1.3 crore in today’s value). Despite a brief dip in value in 2003, the worth of these packages soared to $100,000 (about Rs 82 lakh in today’s value) by 2006.

    In 2009, the cost surged even higher to $126,000 (roughly Rs 1 crore today), eliciting significant backlash over their extravagant price. This prompted a decline in value, plummeting to $90,000 (about Rs 74 lakh in today’s value) in 2010 and further dropping to $48,000 (approximately Rs 39 lakh) in 2013, as reported by Yahoo News.

    However, the prices experienced an upward trend once again in 2014, with the value of items reaching $85,000 (approximately Rs 70 lakh). The pinnacle of controversy arose in 2016 when the gift bags reached an unprecedented value of $232,000 (about Rs 1.9 crore), according to the report.

    Amidst the escalating debate surrounding these opulent gifts, the Academy of Motion Pictures filed a lawsuit against Distinctive Assets in 2016, alleging trademark infringement. The lawsuit underscored that these gift bags have no official affiliation with the Oscars, further fueling the controversy surrounding their extravagant nature.

    Since then, the value of the gift bags has experienced fluctuations, ranging from $225,000 (about Rs 1.8 crore) in 2017 to $100,000 (roughly Rs 82 lakh) in 2023, indicating a continuous debate over their appropriateness and relevance in the context of economic disparities and societal needs.

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