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    Massive explosion in China’s Yanjiao causes damage to numerous buildings and vehicles: Reports | Action Punjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: Today in China, a powerful explosion has rocked Yanjiao, causing significant damage to multiple buildings and vehicles, according to reports emerging from the scene. The incident, suspected to be a gas explosion, occurred at a restaurant situated on the ground floor of an aging residential complex in Hebei province’s northern region.

    While the exact number of casualties remains unclear, reports indicate that several individuals have sustained injuries and have been promptly transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. Disturbing videos circulating online depict a scene of chaos, with a towering plume of blue smoke billowing into the sky, alongside images of mangled cars and debris strewn across the ground.

    Local authorities have swiftly dispatched an investigative team to the site and are currently engaged in rescue operations. State broadcaster CCTV has confirmed the explosion, attributing it to a suspected gas leak. The blast reportedly occurred at approximately 7:55 am local time in the village of Xiaozhanggezhuang, Yanjiao, situated in Sanhe City, less than 50 kilometers east of Beijing.

    One video shared on social media showcases a collapsed building alongside numerous severely damaged vehicles, underscoring the intensity of the explosion and its devastating aftermath.

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    Two coal mine tragedies claim 12 lives in China

    State broadcaster CCTV has reported two separate coal mine accidents resulting in the deaths of 12 individuals within a span of 24 hours in China. These incidents, although unrelated, add to the recent challenges faced by the industry, particularly following the government’s revisions to mining safety regulations.

    The first tragedy occurred when an underground coal bunker collapsed at a firm located in Zhongyang County, Shanxi province, just before midnight on Monday. According to CCTV’s report on Tuesday, this collapse claimed the lives of five workers, with two individuals still missing and presumed trapped under the rubble.

    The fatal incident in Shanxi underscores the urgency of addressing safety concerns in coal mines, especially considering the region’s history of mining-related accidents. Last month, Shanxi’s mining safety regulator issued a notice urging mines to scale back production to mitigate the risk of such accidents. Despite these efforts, the coal-rich province has witnessed a troubling increase in fatalities, reflecting broader challenges within the industry.

    The year 2023 was marked by a series of tragic coal mine accidents across China, prompting authorities to acknowledge the shortcomings of existing safety laws. In response, China’s mine safety administration embarked on a comprehensive review, aiming to address the “prominent problems” within the legislation and enhance safety measures across the mining sector.

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    (Inputs from agencies)

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