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    Paul Alexander who spent entire life in iron lung dies at 78 | ActionPunjab

    Polio Paul dies: Paul Alexander, a man who spent an astonishing 70 years of his life confined to an iron lung, died at the age of 78 in Texas, United States, on Monday. The news of his death was confirmed by a fundraiser for his healthcare on his GoFundMe page. Christopher Ulmer, who organised the page, shared heartfelt condolences and Alexander’s extraordinary journey from surviving polio as a child to becoming a respected lawyer and published author.

    At the tender age of six, Paul Alexander’s life took a dramatic turn when he was struck by the crippling effects of polio. The disease rendered him paralysed and dependent on the life-sustaining support of an iron lung, a massive 600-pound mechanical apparatus designed to assist with breathing. This reliance on the iron lung earned Alexander the affectionate moniker of ‘Polio Paul.’

    Despite the immense challenges posed by his physical condition, Alexander demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination. He refused to allow his disability to define him or limit his aspirations. Against all odds, Alexander pursued his education with unwavering determination. In an extraordinary feat, he became the first person to graduate from a high school in Dallas without ever setting foot in a traditional classroom.

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    Alexander’s thirst for knowledge and intellectual pursuits knew no bounds. His insatiable curiosity and indomitable spirit propelled him to further academic achievements. With tenacity and perseverance, he secured admission to law school at the prestigious University of Texas, Austin. Despite the obstacles he encountered along the way, Alexander remained undeterred in his pursuit of his dreams.

    Bolstered by an unyielding resolve and an unshakeable belief in his abilities, Alexander embarked on a career path that would see him emerge as a formidable force in the legal arena. As a trial lawyer, he passionately advocated for his clients’ rights and sought justice with unwavering dedication. Despite the challenges posed by his physical limitations, Alexander’s courtroom presence was formidable, his eloquence unmatched.

    Throughout his life, Alexander defied societal expectations and shattered stereotypes. Despite being confined to an iron lung, he refused to allow his disability to dictate the terms of his existence. Instead, he embraced life with boundless enthusiasm and an irrepressible zest for living. 

    In addition to his legal career, Alexander also distinguished himself as a published author, captivating readers with his poignant memoirs and insightful reflections on life’s journey. Despite the remarkable advancements in medical technology, Alexander chose to remain loyal to the iron lung, citing a sense of familiarity and comfort.

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