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    Amit Shah asserts CAA permanence; opposition criticisms dismissed as rules finalised | ActionPunjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has firmly stated that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is here to stay, dismissing any possibility of its repeal and asserting that the BJP-led government will not compromise on it. In an interview with ANI, Shah emphasised the government’s commitment to ensuring Indian citizenship through the CAA, labeling it as a sovereign right that will not be compromised.

    The announcement of the implementation of CAA rules earlier this week has drawn criticism from opposition parties. Responding to queries about the opposition’s stance on repealing the law if they come to power, Shah dismissed such prospects, asserting that even the opposition alliance is aware of its slim chances of winning power.

    Shah brushed off allegations that the BJP is using CAA to create a new vote bank, criticising the opposition for indulging in baseless accusations. He contrasted the BJP’s track record of fulfilling promises with the opposition’s history of political rhetoric, emphasising Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to his pledges.

    Addressing concerns about the timing of the CAA notification, Shah reiterated that the BJP had transparently communicated its intentions regarding the legislation well in advance. He highlighted that the party had outlined its commitment to the CAA in its 2019 manifesto and had passed the bill in both houses of Parliament in 2019.

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    Shah dismissed any speculation about political gain or loss associated with the CAA, stating that the rules are now a mere formality. He criticized the opposition for engaging in appeasement politics and urged them to acknowledge that the CAA is a law applicable to the entire country. Shah reaffirmed the government’s determination to uphold the CAA, emphasizing that it will become a reality despite opposition tactics.

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