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    African footballer endures chase, assault, and racial abuse by crowd in Kerala | ActionPunjab

    ACTION PUNJAB NEWS Desk: A disturbing incident unfolded during a football tournament in Kerala’s Malappuram district, where an Ivorian footballer, Dairrassouba Hassane Junior, became the target of racial abuse and violence from spectators. The distressing episode, captured in a viral video, has sparked outrage and raised concerns about racial discrimination in sports.

    In the video footage circulating on social media, Hassane Junior, dressed in a blue t-shirt, can be seen fleeing on the ground in Areekode as a group of individuals pursue him. The situation escalates as he is apprehended and subjected to repeated physical assaults by the enraged crowd. Reports suggest that some spectators accused the footballer of instigating the altercation by allegedly kicking one of them.

    Amidst the chaos, a bystander wearing a white t-shirt is observed attempting to shield Hassane Junior from the blows, engaging in dialogue with the agitated individuals. Eventually, the footballer is seen exiting the scene through a gate, presumably seeking refuge from the violence.

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    Following the traumatic incident, Hassane Junior lodged a formal complaint with the police, providing his testimony regarding the racial abuse and assault he endured. According to his statement, the ordeal unfolded after his team was awarded a corner kick, during which he was subjected to racial slurs and even had stones thrown at him by the hostile crowd.

    Law enforcement authorities have initiated an investigation into the matter to apprehend those responsible for the reprehensible attack on Hassane Junior. The footballer was representing Jawahar Mavoor football club, participating in a sevens football tournament, a popular sporting event in Malappuram known for its fervent local support and packed stadiums.

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    (Inputs from agencies)

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